Target Sequence
  • Enter Protein Target Sequence

  • Enter your protein target sequence in plain text or upload a file containing the sequence.
    Please be aware that only protein sequence in one letter code is accepted. Use Job Description field to type any information regarding your sequence (i.e. id., name, PIR or FastA headers, etc.)

Job submission
  • Send results to:

  • Enter a valid email address. Once the job is finished you will be notify at this email address. Leave it blank if you do not want to receive the notification.
  • Enter Job Description

  • Use this field to enter any type of information about your sequence, namely name, id. and the like.

Retrieve Job Results
  • Enter Job ID

  • Enter the job identification provided during job submission process to retrieve or check the status of your job. All jobs ids. starts with 'DIR_' plus six alphanumeric characters (e.g. DIR_44AaDD).